Can a drone tell if your crops are healthy or unhealthy?

If drones could highlight the unhealthy crops in red and the healthy in green, what that would do in terms of resources and time is incalculable. Imagine being able to plant pesticides only where the insects have spread. Imagine being able to fix your irrigation problems based of facts and not opinion. This is the next biggest advancement in agriculture.

But how does it work? 
Everybody knows somebody in their family who got a fancy new drone for Christmas. So they went up in the air and took some pictures of some agriculture. Now they just have some pictures. But they have no idea what the picture means. They have no idea if the plants they took are healthy or not. How do we know what it means?

The answer is: the normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI). The what? The NDVI is…

…a simple graphical indicator that can be used to analyze remote sensing measurements, typically but not necessarily from a space platform, and assess whether the target being observed contains live green vegetation or not. Live green plants absorb solar radiation in the photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) spectral region, which they use as a source of energy in the process of photosynthesis. Leaf cells have also evolved to re-emit solar radiation in the near-infrared spectral region (which carries approximately half of the total incoming solar energy), because the photon energy at wavelengths longer than about 700 nanometers is not large enough to synthesize organic molecules. (Source)

The technology originated in NASA, but the good news is that we have it in our drones! Using the NDVI index we fly the drone over your crops, and our software detects where the plants are healthy or unhealthy. We then give you a report like the one below.


Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 6.06.17 PM.png


What to do about it?
If you know a farmer or are a farmer in the North Texas or Dallas Fort Worth area, you are in luck. We would love to come and scan your crops…. on the house! I bet we will find something you did not know about, be it good or bad.

Or call: 817.881.0056


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