Aerial mapping.

Builders with drones

2D & 3D building reports.

Identity job-site safety hazards, measure stockpiles, and track progress via 2D and 3D mapping. (1).gif
Instant R-O-I by tracking aerial progress with image maps and videos, quickly take measurements and estimate earthworks, create topography models, timelapse videos, quick site familiarisation, inspection of hazardous areas and more.

2D maps & video.

Progress reports and other data for planning, constructing, site commissioning and future marketing.

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  Drone image maps.

An aerial view of your job-site to keep everyone informed. See the big picture but also zoom into see individual studs. (1 pixel per Inch). Overlay your blueprints on the map to cross reference the plan with reality.

  • Increase communication through the use of visual references for directing work force and subcontractors. 
  • Identify safety concerns so your team can address them quickly.  
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  Drone Image Map with Overlay

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  Marketing & documentation material.
Use our drone videos and photos to build marketing materials. Aerial timelapses built capture the entire construction process in a single video. Our multiple 20 megapixel pictures document almost every angle of your construction site.
  • Wow your next client with drone footage in your powerpoint presentations.
  • Our images can be an invaluable tool for defending change orders, permitting compliance and if necessary defending your firm in court. 

3D models. 

3D Models from drone data that provide valuable insights into the progress and accuracy of your site.


  Virtual design & construction.
Accurate, high-resolution 3D models for detailed analysis. Import our models into BIM design software like BIM,GIS and CAD and others to ensure site progress is in step with original design plans.
  • Track site progress against 3D models and aerial views. Are the builders following the plan? Are we on track to complete the project by the deadlines? 
  • Your BIM guys will be happy. (Here are some formats TIFF, KML, SHP, DXF, LAS,OBJ and XYZ)

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  Measurements & earthworks.

Measure distances, areas of roofing, volumes of earthworks and everything in between.

  • Next morning stockpile volume reports so you can make informed decisions about your materials needs. 
  • Key insights to avoid site balancing mistakes.


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 Stockpile Volumes

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