New Hearts Cafe


Our drones in real estate are connecting families with their dream homes—our drones in construction are saving lives by identifying safety hazards.

But I bet you didn’t know we donate are large percent of income to giving lattes to homeless people in Medellin Colombia, South America. 

We teamed up with New Hearts Café because we love coffee and we love helping.

Guests ordering coffee at New Hearts Café always ask, “how much does it cost?” And New Hearts Café will always answer, “Jesus already paid for the coffee, but if you would like to donate anything, put it in the donation box and that will go towards the Viento Fresco children’s foundation.”

How do they stay in business? Because of generous people like you and me.

New Hearts Cafè commercial was produced, directed, and edited by Christian McMillan, Drone Mission CEO.

Christian, Drone Mission CEO, sitting down and enjoying a coffee at New Heart’s Cafe, Medellin, Colombia, South America.