progress reports2

Monitor, measure and communicate with high resolution progress reports ideal for measuring distances, areas, volumes and elevation. Progress reports made with drone mapping are an invaluable tool for the jobsite.


  • Site Progress: Track progress against 3D models and aerial views. How many floors have been built in the past week? Are the builders following the plan? Are we on track to complete the project by the deadline?
  • Management Oversight: Keep a bird’s eye view on the projects with regularly updated overhead maps and video. For in-depth analysis, zero in on key areas, with enough resolution to see small details. 1 pixel per inch is our average data collection resolution.
  • Improved Communication: Share maps and models with internal and external stakeholders for streamlined communications. Keep everyone informed.
  • Improve Production: Increase efficiencies through the use of visual references for directing work force and subcontractors.   
  • Safety Improvements: Identify safety concerns so your team can address them quickly.
  • Third Party Documentation: Our multiple 20 megapixel pictures cover almost every angle of the construction site. They can be an invaluable tool for defending change orders, permitting compliance and if necessary defending your firm in court. 
  • Stockpile Measurement: Next morning stockpile volume reports so you can make informed decisions about your materials needs.
  • Virtual Design and Construction: Export drone-generated point clouds into 3D design software for powerful insights to ensure site progress is in step with original design plans.
  • Your Next Project: Use archived video to build marketing materials and power point presentations to win your next project. 
  • Your Drone Group: Drone Mission LLC has liability insurance of $1,000,000 (up to 10,000,000 if necessary), our pilots are FAA UAS 107 commercial drone certified. We fly the Phantom 4 Professional Drone with an Interference Protector.  We use Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Photoshop CS 2015, Drone Deploy, DJI GO 4, DaVinci Resolve 14.

We see the use of drones as tools to collect data. If you have a specific need or idea let us know.  We are best when we team with our client

Service Price:

  • On site with the drone: $120 an hour (1 hour minimum)
  • Editing and Analytics: $85 per hour.
  • Travel: $75 dollars per hour to and from site.  
  • All Other: $75 per hour.
  • All invoices are net 15.

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